Litigation and Insolvency

Calero & Guillén Abogados has a broad experience in complex civil and commercial lawsuits which require full personal dedication of the lawyer, careful strategic analysis and a correct approach of the dispute.

The litigation practice accumulates a wide experience developed through the prosecution and defense of many lawsuits, mainly between companies. Thereby the litigation areas of Calero & Guillén Abogados are:


· Analysis of debtors' solvency.

· Assessment in out of court and judicial debt collection.

· Lawsuits in order to discharge contracts.

· Enforcement of promissory notes, cheques and bills of exchange.

· Evictions.

· Enforcement of personal and real guarantees.


· Enforcement of shareholder agreements.

· Directors' liability claims.

· Challenging company resolutions and Board of Directors decisions.

· Judicial call of the Shareholders' Meeting.


· Pre-insolvency legal and financial analysis.

· Filing for insolvency and advice during the whole insolvency proceedings.

· Communication of credits and following up proceedings.

· Advice in the acquisition of assets from companies in liquidation.

· Taking on the Insolvency trustee post in insolvency proceedings.